It looks like Lionsgate may be turning some of their properties into television shows. What could be on that list, considering they now own Summit Entertainment’s titles as well? It sounds like The Expendables, Step Up and Red are being thrown around for possible series consideration. Interesting…

This comes from Deadline, and it’s still in the ‘feeling it out’ stage of development. The problem that they’re going to run into is that both titles are either working on or have completed sequels. We’re getting The Expendables 2 and Step Up 4 this summer, and Red 2 is in the works. Are they suggesting they think both won’t do enough business to keep going? On top of that the appeal of both action franchises are the star power, and it seems unlikely that Sylvester Stallone would want to appear on the small screen. This doesn’t make sense.

That said, there were a number of 1980′s tough guys that could be put together. Say, take Richard Dean Anderson from MacGyver, Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz from The A Team, Fred Dryer from Hunter, David Hasslehoff from Knight Rider, Ken Wahl from Wiseguy, and Daniel Hugh Kelly from Hardcastle and McCormick – heck you could even throw in Kevin Sorbo from Hercules – and maybe you’d have a show. You’d also have a lot of old white guys.

What 80′s TV action star would you want on a Expendables TV show?