Though Drive didn’t cross over into the mainstream as may have been hoped, it did inspire numerous hipsters to buy scorpion jackets, won director Nicholas Winding Refn the best director prize at Cannes, made Ryan Gosling look cool, and earned Albert Brooks a place in the bad guy hall of fame. Refn and Gosling teamed up again for Only God Forgives and we’ve got some behind-the-scenes photos to share…

This is likely due out by the end of the year stateside, but it recently previewed some footage at Cannes. Footage presentations are somewhat unfair to review as they’re obviously picking a good moment or two to sell the film, but – for us – this is pre-sold. Here’s the synopsis:

Julian (Gosling) lives in exile in Bangkok where he runs a Thai boxing club as a front for the family’s drugs smuggling operation. When Julian’s brother Billy is killed, their mother, Jenna (Kristen Scott Thomas), arrives in the city. She wants revenge and forces Julian to find the killer. Julian’s contacts in the criminal underworld lead him directly to The Angel of Vengeance, a retired police officer who knows everything and who is both Judge and Punisher. Jenna demands that Julian kill The Angel of Vengeance, an act that will cost him dearly.

And if you weren’t sold before, how does it sound now? It looks like the neo-noir of Drive got both Gosling and Refn fired up, and they’re going back for more. This has all the trappings of the great film noir pictures, as it mixes fate and family, and – what looks to be – inevitable failures. And after the stylish violence of Drive, we know that these guys can deliver the action.

Did you like Drive?