With a week and a half left before the film’s U.S. premiere, Prometheus just can’t help but release yet another featurette on the film, this time concerning the titular spacecraft that gives the movie its name.  Featuring about a minute of all-new (and, admittedly, pretty cool) footage, the featurette tells us a lot about the ship and the technology of the fictional year 2089.  Check it out below.

As /Film points out, the only thing the featurette doesn’t answer is this: how is it possible that the technology of 2089 is massively more advanced than the technology of 2122?  If you’ll recall the original Alien (to which Prometheus is a prequel) takes places 33 years after the events in Prometheus, and yet it features a far more antiquated technology.  In Prometheus, digital touch screens abound; in Alien, they had a room-sized computer that could provide text-only answers to simple questions.  It appears as if some heavy ret-conning will take place.

That fairly significant quibble aside, Prometheus (the film and the ship), is still on our most-anticipated list of 2012, and we’ll be first in line to geek out when the film premieres on June 8.  Until then, we have about 142 other Prometheus featurettes to sift through.

What do you think of the new video?