While Marvel continues to issue denial after denial (much as they denied that Loki would be the villain in The Avengers), the film studio continues to deny that a certain arch-villain will be appearing in Iron Man 3.  However, the Latino Review (which was among the first to announce that Loki was indeed the Avengers villain), has now announced that they know the four major villains who will appear in the third Iron Man film.

First off, four seems a little villain-heavy, does it not?  The last time the third film in a superhero series tried its hand at multi-villainy, we got Spider-Man 3.

That said, and while Marvel continues to deny this, Latino Review has it that Sir Ben Kingsley is indeed playing Iron Man’s arch-nemesis, The Mandarin: “The Mandarin is played by Ben Kingsley and [is] a villain in the movie despite Marvel’s continued insistence that he’s not.”

Moreover, LR asserts that Mandarin isn’t even the primary bad guy in the film—Guy Pearce, who was cast in April, will be the Big Bad, in the role of Aldrich Killian, who will be “backed by the Mandarin, but is the real architect of the nanotech ‘Extremis army’ that will likely include Coldblood (James Badge Dale) and Firepower (Ashley Hamilton).

All we can do now is wait for the May 3, 2013 release date to be sure (or we could speculate endlessly on the internet, which is way more likely).

What do you think of the Iron Man 3 news?

Source: /Film