The marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises has certainly been a fascinating one, as it’s seemingly broken all the traditional rules—first, the trailers were ambiguous and revealed very little (imagine that—a modern trailer that doesn’t spoil the film); second, the theatrical poster was, well, crap; third, the TV spots, normally 30 second bits of recycled trailer footage, have featured some of the most exciting sneak peeks of the entire ad campaign.  And today is no different, with two new TV spots featuring all-new footage of a crippled Bruce Wayne in retirement, and more.

The third TV spot is likely the most interesting of the bunch, showing as it does a hobbled Bruce Wayne walking with a cane and insisting he’s retired from being Batman:

Now, before that can get you Bat-fans a-gossiping about possible plot points in the upcoming film, dig the fourth new TV spot, in which Michael Caine’s Alfred insists to Bruce Wayne that he is no longer Batman, even as mass terrorism erupts around them:

It’s all an intriguing marketing strategy by Christopher Nolan and company, to use the TV spots to feature the enticing clips that are normally found in the full-length trailers.  How much this strategy pays off will be seen when The Dark Knight Rises premieres on July 20.

What do you think of the new TV spots?

Source: Batman News