Well, Game of Thrones fans, even as your beloved series winds to a close of Season Two with only two episodes left (check out our review of last Sunday’s ep), there are things on the horizon to keep you going.  Specifically, HBO has released a list of the new characters who will be populating the third season of the popular adaptation of the A Song of Fire and Ice novels by George R.R. Martin.  The third season is said to be primarily based around the novel A Storm of Swords, and HBO has just released the 11 new names (with character bios) that will be populating Season Three.

And, as if it wasn’t clear already—SPOILERS AHEAD!


According to Coming Soon, your new characters are: Mance Rayder, Daario Naharis, Edmure Tully, Ser Brynden Tully (The Blackfish), Lady Selyse Florent, Shireen, Olenna Redwyne (The Queen of Thorns), Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr and Jojen and Meera Reed (full character bios below).

And just in case that wasn’t enough news, Entertainment Weekly also points out that just because certain characters are not listed, that does not mean they won’t still be added to the Season Three roster.  Here’s hoping you’ll be able to make it until then, in 2013, when Game of Thrones Season Three is set to broadcast on HBO.

Mance Rayder: We’ve heard about him all season. A former member of the Night’s Watch who became the “King Beyond the Wall,” the leader of the Wildlings. 

Daario Naharis: A confident and seductive warrior. 

Jojen Reed; Meera Reed: A teenage brother and sister duo with special insights.

Edmure Tully: A brash young member of the Tully family.

Ser Brynden Tully (The Blackfish): Catelyn Stark’s uncle.

Lady Selyse Florent: Stannis Baratheon’s wife.

Shireen: Stannis’ daughter.

Olenna Redwyne (The Queen of Thorns): Margaery Tyrell’s sharp-witted grandmother.

Beric Dondarrion: A skilled knight who is the leader of the outlaw group Brotherhood Without Banners.

Thoros of Myr: A red priest who follows the same religion as Melisandre.

Tormund Giantsbane: A Wildling raider.

What do you think of the new character list?  See anyone you were hoping for?