The first photos of Andre 3000 as golden god Jimi Hendrix have hit the internet. The musician was photographed yesterday in Dublin, Ireland while filming for the Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side. The photos show Andre rocking the signature Hendrix afro and dressed in 60s flamboyant clothing. Check them out below.

ComingSoon has posted the first photos from All Is By My Side, which features Andre 3000 as the music legend as well as Captain America star Hayley Atwell as Linda Keith, the woman who discovered Hendrix.

Although Andre tried to avoid the cameras, we are still able to get a good look at what he will look like as Hendrix. The resemblance is uncanny. See for yourself, below:

The unofficial biopic will focus on Hendrix’s time in London when he was preparing to record his debut album Are You Experienced?

Despite Andre’s striking resemblance to the legend, the producers of All Is By My Side have ran into some problems with Hendrix’s estate. It seems that Experience Hendrix, LLC, the company run by Hendrix’s family, is reluctant to give consent to allow his music to be used in the film.

Back in 2000, Showtime’s Hendrix only used covers of his songs instead of the real thing. It would be great for the company to reconsider and allow the producers to use original music. This is, after all, a bigger project, with a much bigger star. This movie could also be good for business. It could boost album sales as well as remind the younger generation of Hendrix’s musical talents.

What do you think of Andre 3000 as Hendrix?