Mad Men’s affair with mediocrity is over; last night was everything fans have been clamoring for. “The Other Woman” focused on the show’s ladies taking a stand where they saw fit as Don and his creative team struggled with the Jaguar pitch. Drama burrowed its way into every moment of the episode.

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The Players:

  • Director: Phil Abraham
  • Writers: Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner
  • Cast: Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Aaron Staton, Rich Sommer, John Slattery, Kiernan Shipka, Robert Morse, Jared Harris, Jessica Parè, Jay R. Ferguson, Alison Brie, Ben Feldman, Joel Murray, Gary Basaraba

Episode Title: “The Other Woman”

Don attempts to plot out a new campaign, while Pete shows his dedication to the business at Joan’s expense. Lane uses any tool he can to hide his indiscretions. And Peggy weighs her options as Megan auditions for a play.

Beware, spoilers ahead!

The Good:

  • Pete the Conqueror: He didn’t win the argument for an apartment in the city, but Pete managed to convince Joan to go above and beyond her title. His lack of hesitation to put her in a moral quandary is as appalling as it intriguing. His actions won’t help his already poor reputation with fans but at least they were entertaining.
  • Paris: They’ve always had a tumultuous working relationship, but things have changed for Peggy and Don. The writers have been building up to this all season; when Don threw that money in Peggy’s face you knew the moment had finally arrived. Their parting scene was beautifully written, right down to the kiss on the hand.  Though some have begged for it, be glad the writers didn’t cheapen the moment with any Don/Peggy love nonsense. Their relationship is far deeper than that.
  • The Cover Up: Lane’s money issues have been a focal point for quite some time, but they’re just now becoming interesting. His stealthy maneuver to ensure his deception would stay hidden is to be applauded. One can only hope Lane can milk another impressive moment out of this plot line.
  • Boston: With another fight under their belts the audience is now forced to question the marriage of the season.  Are Don and Megan a happy couple in the middle of a bad patch or two unhappy people unaware they’re doing more damage than good? It still seems liked the former fits the Drapers rather than the later. Making the viewers question the relationship in the first place is a step in the right direction.
  • Owned: In the beginning, if you would have said that Michael and Don would be kindred spirits, most would have labeled you insane. Now it seems like a truth we all should have known from the start. It’s obvious Michael has talent, but the scene where he gives Jaguar to Don shows his ability to draw inspiration from the darkest, most random places. With Peggy in transition it’ll be interesting to see if the writers use him as the next protégée.
  • A Good One: With Matthew Weiner at the helm of Mad Men, fans often get what they need, not what they want. What a lovely surprise it was, to see an answer to the Don/Joan chemistry practically everyone fell for last week. Who’s to say whether or not their flirtation could last past Joan’s decision? No matter what happens, we’ll always have that moment where Joan embraced Don’s face. Cherish it friends, it was a winner.

The Quotable:

  • “She just comes and goes as she pleases huh.”


Every moment of this episode was as exciting and engaging as the entire season should have been. With only two episodes left this was a critical moment for Mad Men. Thank goodness it rose to the occasion.

Rating: 9/10

Mad Men airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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