Despite being one of the most anticipated action films of, well, ever, The Dark Knight Rises’ print ad campaign seems to be taking a decidedly laid back route, in terms of quality.  First, we had the Wal-Mart quality photoshopped horror of the final theatrical poster, now we have six new banners that look like they were pieced together in about 10 minutes each.  One would think that, with a budget of around $250 million, Christopher Nolan and Co. could have spent a little more time working out the kinks.  Check out the new banners below.

Ok, I should try to say something nice: the banners, um, well, they sure make me look forward to an epic confrontation between Batman and Bane, so… that’s something.

Elsewhere, you’ve got Batman leading what looks like a SWAT team against Bane’s army of what appears to be The League of Shadows from Batman Begins, so there’s something that we internet speculators can froth about for the next two months.  Oh, and Catwoman’s blowing some things up while riding around on a Bat-Pod, which would be neat if it weren’t airbrushed and photoshopped into oblivion.

But hey, we’re still counting down the days until we can point our greedy eyes at The Dark Knight Rises—we just wish the marketing campaign lived up to our expectations of what this final Batman film in the Nolan trilogy deserves.

What do you think of the banners?

Source: Batman News