The TV spot—normally they’re just brutally edited ‘Greatest Hits’ versions of a film’s trailer, 30 seconds of explosions and one-liners… Unless, of course, it’s a Dark Knight Rises TV spot, in which case you get a bevy of all new footage.  That’s right: forgoing the usual route of offering up the best of their previous trailers, The Dark Knight Rises’ two new TV spots are replete with footage highlighting an aged and out of practice Bruce Wayne, his “wife” Catwoman, and a few more clips of the mysterious terrorist Bane.  Check them both out below.

The first TV spot is all about Bruce Wayne.  As has been reported previously, The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after The Dark Knight, and Batman has been retired following the events in that film.  Something, however (likely Bane), forces Bruce Wayne to pick the cape and cowl up once again.  Dig it:

The next TV spot highlights Catwoman and, to a lesser extent, Bane; the main emphasis is on the relationship between Wayne and Selina Kyle, who at one point poses as his wife to steal his Lamborghini.  There are also a few bits about Bane, and how he was “born and bred in hell.”

It seems like Nolan and Co. have finally decided to begin upping the ante after a series of relatively underwhelming trailers.  Not bad, no?

What do you think of the new footage?

Source: Batman News