When you factor for inflation, The Exorcist is one of the top ten grossing films of all time. Which may explain why there’s been so many sequels, reissues and rip-offs. Indeed, Paranormal Activity and its sequels should be paying royalty fees to William Friedkin‘s hit film. So how do you remake it without being obnoxious? Move it to television.

Vulture got the scoop, and the great news is that Sean Durkin, the director of Martha Marcy May Marlene, is attached to write and direct the ten-part TV version of the story. He’s backed by Morgan Creek and Roy Lee. They don’t have a channel yet, which could change the tone of the piece. You get it on HBO or Showtime, and it can have all the gross outs and gags of the original. If it ends up on Syfy, they’ll likely be a DVD/Blu-ray release of the unrated version.

Durkin has proved himself to massively talented, and though a ten-part adaptation may go for higher fidelity to the book than the movie – which is such an artistically uninteresting proposition – we’d bet that he will make it his own.  If he can bring half of the creepiness that he brought to MMMM, this will be a must see.

Are you fan of the original Exorcist?