A remake of the Paul Verhoeven 1980s classic RoboCop might strike some as sacrilege—the story of a good cop in the near future who’s killed by thugs, cybernetically revived by science, and forced to star in a series of increasingly bad sequels and a TV series, is cherished by many fans of 80s sci-fi.  However, the just-announced addition of Gary Oldman to the cast may just lend the remake a veneer of respectability—or as much respectability as an unnecessary remake of a film about robot cops can have, anyway.

It’s already been announced that The Killing star Joel Kinnaman would step into the metal boots of RoboCop/ Alex Murphy, and yesterday it was outed that Gary Oldman had also signed on to the remake’s cast.  But before you start assuming that Oldman is taking over the role of one of the corporate baddies from the first film, you should know this—Oldman is starring in an all-new role, created specifically for the remake.

In the film, Oldman will play Norton, “the scientist who creates Robocop and finds himself torn between the ideals of the machine trying to rediscover its humanity and the callous needs of a corporation.”  And while a RoboCop still seems to be yet another in the very long line of unnecessary remakes coming our way, the addition of Oldman to the cast at least means the film will be watchable.

RoboCop is currently in development, with no release date announced.

What do you think of the RoboCop news?

Source: /Film