Between the abysmal Mirror, Mirror and the upcoming Bella and Thor Battle Aileen Wuornos (you make know it as Snow White and the Huntsman) it seems remixing and revising the classic Snow White premise is the hot new trend in Hollywood—as long as it’s relatively cheap that is, as a post-John Carter Disney has announced they’ve halted development on their own Saoirse Ronan-starring Snow White revision.

Thanks to the poor financial showing of Disney’s John Carter, the company has halted production on The Order of the Seven (previously titled Snow and the Seven).  The film’s premise revolved around a group of seven international warriors who protect a “young woman in 19th century Hong Kong who escapes her wicked stepmother and takes refuge” with the warriors, who belong to an “ancient order dedicated to fighting demons and dragons.”

Based on that premise, the film’s subtitle could have been The Order of the Seven: Seriously, Is There Anything Else We Can Do To Make This Appeal To The Foreign/International Markets?, and would have been directed by first-timer Michael Gracey.  Unfortunately, the increasing budget under the helm of a first-time director gave Disney cold feet, and the company shuttered development film.  It likely didn’t help that this would have been the third revisionist take on Snow White within a year, and likely would have incurred the wrath of overkilled audiences.

What do you think of the Disney news?

Source: /Film