The Magnificent Seven—it’s one of the greatest remakes of all time.  Taking the original premise of Akira Kurosawa’s indelible Seven Samurai (in 1587, village farmers in feudal Japan hire seven samurai to fight the bandits who are stealing their crops) and recasting it into a Western in which seven outlaws protect a Mexican agricultural village, it’s a remake that actually attempts to do something new with a preexisting premise.  And of course, The Magnificent Seven is now being given a straight remake that won’t have a new spin, and it will star Tom Cruise for whatever reason.  Details below.

MGM is developing the film, which, as /Film notes, shouldn’t come as a surprise as the studio is currently churning out remakes for Red Dawn, RoboCop and Carrie.  Moreover, Variety reports that Cruise has been interested in remaking The Magnificent Seven for some time.

It’s something of  a drag, as one would hope that if a studio were to attempt a remake of The Magnificent Seven, it would uphold the tradition of revamping the premise for a new generation, rather than simply playing it straight, especially when big budget Westerns have not been connecting with large audiences of late.

But hey, so Tom Cruise wishes, and so shall it be done.

What do you think of The Magnificent Seven remake news?