When the wildly uneven second season of The Walking Dead came to a close last March, one of the surprise reveals was that of Michonne, a character from the graphic novel who wields a katana blade and two zombie slaves.  It was a brief preview into the weirdness that’s in store for season three, and, now that AMC has begun production on the third season, we’ve also got a behind the scenes video with new footage, as well as a casting call for two new characters.

First off, the new characters.  Shock Till You Drop notes that AMC has issued a casting call for two new characters to be added to the already overcrowded The Walking Dead cast (though the end of season two did a good job of cutting the extra character fat).  Here’s who you can expect to see when The Walking Dead re-launches:

[HAROLD] 40s to early 50s. Male. A studious and fastidious man, trying to create a niche for himself in this new world. Guest star. Recurring

[MANUEL] 30 to 40, Hispanic, a working class survivor, he is confident, physically skilled, a leader when necessary, capable and smart. Has a terrific sense of humor where you wouldn’t expect one. Recurring.

Elsewhere, Coming Soon has a behind the scenes featurette for The Walking Dead’s third season, with returning stars and production crew laying out the dark goings-on of the new season, with a few peeks at some new sets and zombies:

An official premiere date has yet to be set for The Walking Dead, but expect the series to return to AMC this fall.

What do you think of the new Walking Dead info?