So the latest poster for The Dark Knight Rises didn’t really impress. But Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan aren’t done hitting you with new posters – we’ve got six additional posters to fill cinema lobbies and fanboys’ bedrooms with images of Christian Bale as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane.

These are much better than the the earlier poster, with the snow and “the end” themes. It’s so strange culturally that people are shocked that the series could conclusively end after three movies when it used to be that trilogies were considered a natural structure for sequels. Perhaps it’s the work of people like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas for ruining that flavor, or even Peter Jackson. But it’s good to know that this is end of Nolan’s Bat-cycle.

And it looks like – with seven posters hitting over the last twenty four hours – that Warner Brothers is about to up their marketing game. They’ve still got two months, but May is almost over, and the heat on The Avengers is beginning to cool down. And though there are some big movies in between now and July 20, The Dark Knight Rises could be the biggest of the summer, or it could show that tastes have changed, and that people are more into The Avengers now. But that difference is between being the number film of the summer or the number two. Even if it’s outperformed by The Avengers, it’s still going to be huge.

Do you like these posters more than the last couple?