Actor Dante Basco is all set to revisit his classic Neverland memories, this time as producer for a Hook prequel, based on the character he once played, Rufio.  36-year-old Basco will not be reprising his role as the young, mohawked rebel – we don’t know who will be cast yet – but has already set his sights on the spell-check defying Rpin Suwannath to direct.

As yet, we don’t know the name of the proposed film, but everyone remembers Basco’s energetic character alongside Dustin Hoffman as Hook and Robin Williams as an adult Peter Pan in Hook, and it should be interesting to see the character of Rufio take a center role. Basco briefly spoke to Crave Online about the project:

“Actually there’s a film in development, the Rufio film, where a hotshot group of kids from the East Coast graduated and they wrote this whole script, the prequel to Hook and it’s the Rufio story. We have it right now with a director, Rpin Suwannath who’s doing the new Zorro for Fox. He has the script and he’s attached to the film and I’m attached to produce so that’s actually in development right now which’ll be cool, a Rufio for a whole new generation.

The storyline is crazy actually. These guys have a whole storyline of how he gets the Mohawk. The whole story’s crazy. These guys came with the script, I’m like, “You guys wrote this?” Not only did they write this, they did the musical in their college. They were going to go off Broadway with it and then they lost their insurance and they came to Hollywood. If anyone saw their play it’s that, but the newer version is pretty intense. They added more action. I never saw the play but I think they added more backstory to Rufio, like how he became Rufio which I was impressed by. It’s in development.”

And what has Basco been up to these days? Well, he’s most recently been doing voiceover work for cartoons like Avatar: The Last Airbender and American Dragon: Jake Long. He’s also really getting into the swing of things as a producer, and produced and starred in two films at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival last week; Paradise Broken and Hang Loose

Special effects previsualization specialist Suwannath has previously worked on X-Men, The Matrix, Superman Returns and a lot more, but this will be his directorial debut – well, that’s if a studio picks the film up as Basco pitches it around town. It’s not the first time Suwannath has been in-line to direct, and was once set to direct Zorro sequel Zorro Reborn, but has since been replaced by Ricardo de Montreuil. What he’s going to do with Rufio, though, only time will tell. Perhaps Steven Spielberg will want to get involved?

What do you think about a Hook prequel?

Source: FirstShowing