This week brings one of the best films of last year (from the Criterion Collection, no less) some of the bigger disappointments of of 2012 so far, one of the best TV shows going today, and a collection of the Lethal Weapon films. Not a bad week for DVD and Blu-ray. Check it out…


  • Certified Copy: I went into this movie knowing very little about it, and fell completely in love. Abbas Kiarostami’s film follows an author (William Schimell) who goes out for the afternoon with a woman (Juliette Binoche), and as their conversation continues, a mystery is created. Do these people know each other from before? Saying any more would spoil the fun, but this was my favorite film of 2011.
  • Red Tails: George Lucas spent twenty years talking about this film, and the results were similar to his prequel films. CGI’d to all get out and filled with corny dialogue meant to be a throwback to a different era. Perhaps the film will find its audience at home.
  • The Secret World of Arrietty: Hayao Miyazaki is justly revered as one of the greatest artists of animation. Though he didn’t direct the film per se, his stamp is all over the film, and it’s a charming and gentle piece of work. Maybe not one of his best, but some of those are also hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week.
  • Sherlock: Season Two: If you haven’t been watching this version of Sherlock, you may not understand why there’s such a nerd boner for Benedict Cumberbatch right now. If you do watch this, not only will you see four and a half hours of the best television going these days, you will get Cumberbatch completely. He makes Sherlock Holmes his own.
  • This Means War: McG directed this spy rom-com. It pretty much sucks. Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine do their best with material that feels like a pilot for a show that no one would like.
  • The Woman in Black: Daniel Radcliffe scored a surprising success with this post-Potter entry. Based on the hit play, this was a big hit for both Radcliffe and Hammer Horror studios, who are still kicking in the 21st century.


  • A Bullet for the General: Most people know the spaghetti western through Sergio Leone – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but the genre was vast and had a number of great entries that weren’t helmed by Leone. This is one of the best.
  • Castle in the Sky, Whisper of the Heart: Remember those great Miyazaki’s I was talking about? Castle in the Sky is one of them.
  • Lethal Weapon Collection: A series that got progressively worse as it went (4 might be a slight improvement over 3, but only so much), the first film was a classic of 80’s action, and the sequel was a lot of fun. And sometimes it’s good to own a couple films you don’t like for the supplements that only come in a box set.
  • Too Late Blues: This was an early John Cassavettes film that never got the Criterion treatment, and has not been as vaulted as some of his classics. I’ve never seen it, as it wasn’t put out on home video. So for that I can’t wait.

What are you picking up this week?