What’s going on? That’s what you’ll ask yourself by the end of Nikita’s second season finale. The episode, aptly titled “Homecoming,” has the vigilante trapped inside Division with no escape in sight. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Nikita will do the unthinkable to save herself and hundreds of others.

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The Players:

  • Director: Eagle Egillson
  • Writer: Carlos Coto
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Dillon Casey

Episode Title: “Homecoming”

Following the explosion, Nikita and Michael are stuck inside Division. Percy continues to manipulate President Grayson (guest star Cameron Daddo), and reveals plans for a second bomb attack. Nikita’s forced to escort him safely out of Division, or Washington D.C. goes boom. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean hunt down Roan (guest star Rob Stewart) to stop him from carrying out Percy’s orders.

The Good:

  • Ding Dong Percy’s Gone: After two seasons of watching Percy get away with murder (literally), he’s finally dead. Nikita dropped him down that shaft like a ball at the beach. We loved seeing his arrogance turn to disbelief once he realized she wouldn’t save him.
  • Sean can’t get answers: Sean and Alex are dangerous, hilarious and sweet together. The whole episode was filled with flirty banter between the two. One minute their shooting automatic weapons, the next he’s struggling to ask her out. And when he finally gets the courage to do so, Nikita interrupts! Next season, Sean. Next season.
  • Roan has a soul: As far as we’re concerned, Roan’s a cyborg. But when he received the signal from Percy’s kill-chip he actually showed emotion. We were shocked! They finally gave Rob Stewart something else to do with this one-note character.
  • Sonya makes a decision: Sonya’s (guest star Lyndie Greenwood) computer smart, but lacks common sense. It took her a whole season to realize Division wasn’t up to snuff. Thankfully, she finally stepped up for Birkhoff, Michael and Nikita when they needed it most. Better late than never.
  • Birkhoff’s kissing crusade: Last week, Nikita got face-time with Birkhoff and this time Sonya was his target. He’s been pretty vocal about his attraction to her, so when they finally met — fireworks! He laid one on her Gone with the Wind style.

The So-So:

  • Under new management: Division has a new boss, or should we saw bosses? After Percy dropped to his deserving death, Ryan (guest star Noah Bean) was offered control over the agency. But he’d only take the job if Nikita was at his side. The pair, along with the rest of the gang will try to clean up Division’s reputation. It will be weird watching them work within the confines of the place they despise.

The Bad:

  • Amanda’s return: What was that? They could have left Amanda’s scene on the cutting room floor. In an interview with ScreenCrave, Maggie Q said she didn’t want Amanda to return until next season. She thought it would be more dramatic for viewers, because the last time we saw her she was so broken. It would have been great to see her months later, stronger than ever. Unfortunately, they didn’t go that route. We were left with her, a gun and a decoded black box. It was really underwhelming.


“Homecoming” gave us both closure and questions. It’s great that Percy’s no longer a threat, but psycho Amanda’s still on the loose. Plus, Nikita and Ryan are spearheading a Division makeover. And we’re not sure how that’s going to work. Either way, the finale definitely upped the stakes and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 8.5/10

This fall, Nikita moves to Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW

What did you think of Nikita’s second season finale? Were you shocked by the death?