This week, The Dictator went on a yacht date with Italian model Elisabetta Canalis. Warner Bros. announced the official release date for the much-anticipated Gangster Squad, as well as a new date for Alfonso Cuaron‘s Gravity. Fox also released the first preview of Mindy Kaling‘s comedy The Mindy Project. All that and more after the jump.

  • Awful Actors, Great Performances: Even awful actors catch a break from time to time. Unreality Magazine recently made a list of Five Awful Actors Who Had One Great Performance. They’ve got Paris Hilton in Repo! A Genetic Opera and Marlon Wayans in Requiem for a Dream. Head over to their site to see if you agree.
  • Not For Children: Some of the animated movies we saw as kids were not really meant for us. The movies made us cry more often than they made us laugh, and also fear for the lives of our beloved parents – ahem, Bambi and The Lion King. Unreality Magazine composed a list of 7 Animated Movies Clearly Not Aimed At Children. Be sure to check that out.
  • Movie Release Dates: Warner Bros. finally put a release date on the awesome-looking Gangster Squad. The crime thriller will hit theaters on September 7, 2012. Meanwhile, there was some disappointing news as the studio decided to push Gravity all the way back to 2013. That’s right peeps, we won’t be seeing Alfonso Cuaron’s follow-up to Children of Men until next year.


  • The Dictator At Cannes: The Dictator headed to France for the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival this week. He was spotted aboard a luxurious yacht with George Clooney‘s former girlfriend, Italian model Elisabetta Canalis. The date started off good with champagne and body lotion, but eventually The Dictator decided to throw her overboard. See the event unfold.

Movie Videos:

  • The Mindy Project: The trailer for Mindy Kaling’s new Fox comedy The Mindy Project hit the web this week. Check it out:

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