Featuring as it does a charming performance by Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a series of humorous culture clashes between British royalty and American customs, a Rushmore reunion (Olivia Williams co-stars with Murray as Eleanor Roosevelt), and a sharp look back at FDR’s philandering as well as his hosting of the King and Queen of England in New York for a week just prior to World War II, the trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson is a winner.   Check it out below.

The film, written by Richard Nelson and based upon his play of the same name, takes place during the weekend in which a sitting English monarch visited the United States for the very first time, in a bid to win the States’ aid in the fight against Germany.  The King and Queen of England are surprised, however, to find the very charming U.S. president romantically involved with his distant cousin, Daisy (Laura Linney). FDR must then juggle his presidency, private life, wife, mistress, the royal family, and his country’s possible involvement in a devastating war over the course of one weekend.

Hyde Park on Hudson was directed by Roger Michell (Morning Glory, Notting Hill), and is set for a December 7, 2012 release via Focus Features.

What do you think of the trailer?  Will you be seeing Hyde Park on Hudson?

Source: /Film