Until very recently, part of the fun of Prometheus’ ad campaign was just how ambiguous the marketing was for Ridley Scott’s semi-prequel to his 1979 classic, Alien.  Was it a true prequel?  Would it connect directly to the beginnings of Alien?  And so on.  And then, unfortunately, came the spoilers.  In April, we received a three-minute trailer of pure spoilage, followed by a featurette with even more information.  Gone were the intriguing puzzles and air of mystery that made Prometheus so anticipated in the first place.  And now, even the poster campaign is spoiling the fun (and the plot).

We know that the film deals at least in part with the crescent-shaped spaceship helmed by the Space Jockey that was seen during the original Alien.  Recent clips have even shown the Space Jockey attacking members of the Prometheus crew.  Now, thanks to an international poster, we get to see the Space Jockey’s ship, well, exploding above the crew.  Which seems to be, oh gosh, I don’t know, kind of a significant plot point to drop in the middle of a wildly photoshopped worldwide poster.  But hey, that’s just me.

Hopefully, this action-oriented one-sheet will draw in moviegoers more attracted to things going boom than they are to quietly creepy and ambiguous sci-fi puzzle boxes; that said, it’s sad to see the air of mystery and ambiguity dissipate from Prometheus.  It’s still one of our most anticipated films of 2012’s summer; we just wish it was a little less forthcoming with the details.

What do you think of Prometheus’ ad campaign?

Source: ComingSoon