Liam Neeson‘s back at it in Taken 2, which follows his character from Taken,who now must defend his family from an organization wanting revenge for the hyperviolent stuff that happened in the first film. Entertainment Weekly got the first look, and we can share some of the first images from Taken 2. Check it out…

This comes from director Olivier Megaton, who has the best name a director could ever hope for. Neeson talks to EW about the film, and reveals it starts with his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) and daughter (Maggie Grace) coming to visit him in Istanbul, and then things get violent. It also suggests the possibility of maybe a rekindled love.

Though there’s no way this can come out of nowhere and surprise like the first film did, Luc Besson‘s factory of French action filmmakers tend to deliver, and as long as it plays on the practical and has the same sort of no-nonsense approach, it will surely be an entertaining hour and a half in the theaters. The biggest mistake with this film is that it didn’t come out in the 1980′s, and that it doesn’t have a good subtitle. Taken 2: Taken it to the Streets is much dumber. The film comes out October 5.

Are you looking forward to Taken 2?