Last night Fox aired not one, but two all-new episodes of Glee. The first hour was both fun and poignant. The New Directions prepped for Nationals, while Tina Chang experienced a body-swap with Rachel Berry. Then it was off to Chicago, where the kids performed in front of “America’s Sweetheart” Lindsay Lohan. Emotions ran high all through the second episode. The whole series has been leading up to this very moment. Did their hard work pay off? Did the New Directions take home the grand trophy?

Find out in our review of “Props”/”Nationals”…

The Players:

  • Director: Eric Stoltz
  • Writer: Brad Falchuk
  • Cast: Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison, Ashley Fink, Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Jr., Cheyenne, Darren Criss, Jayma Mays, Jane Lynch, and Mike O’Malley

Episode Title: “Props”/”Nationals”

“Props” – Tina suffers a head injury after falling into a fountain. This incident leaves her seeing her fellow singers and other people at McKinley High in a new way.

“Nationals” – The glee club travels to Chicago, Illinois, to compete in Nationals against the best show choirs in the country, including Vocal Adrenaline. Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton guest star as celebrity judges.

The Good:

  • Halloween Flashback: Kurt and Blaine dressed up as Snooki and The Situation from Jersey Shore for Halloween. Their impersonations and costumes were spot on. It was a brief flashback, but we just had to be mention it.
  • The Fight: Glee had its first full-on schoolyard fight… ever! The act itself wasn’t that important, but what it led to was. The moment when Puck and Coach Beiste comfort each other is genuinely touching. He let his guard down and showed his true feelings about being left behind. He breaks down, and Beiste is there to support him. They have a strange yet beautiful connection.
  • Tina and Rachel: Tina and Rachel spend some time together. In the process, we discover a few things about them. Rachel’s trying to stay optimistic about her future, and Tina craves a solo and standing ovation. Tina’s outrage over Rachel getting all the attention is understandable. It’s true, “other people matter,” but her boyfriend Mike also has a point. Tina is a junior and she’ll get her chance to shine next year. Also, Rachel’s bribe was hilarious. She offered Tina $50 to let the whole thing go until after Nationals. Why haven’t these two spent more time together?
  • Judging Room: Lindsay Lohan was absolutely brilliant, and so was Perez Hilton. Their little shtick was very funny. Especially when the famed blogger continued to post “exclusives” about Lohan, who was sitting right next to him. This was definitely the best judging panel Glee has ever had.
  • “Tongue Tied” Montage: The victory montage was an awesome payoff. It really captured the feeling of triumph. Winning Nationals was something the New Directions set out to do since day one, and they finally did it. The kids returned to a school that welcomed them with open arms. They cheered them on, and threw confetti instead of slushies.
  • Jesse St. James: He’s always a pleasure. His wit and quick banter are a joy.

The So-So:

  • Freaky Friday: The Freaky Friday body-swap moment wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be. But Mr. Schue definitely takes the prize for his imitation of Sue Sylvester. He had the signature tracksuit, megaphone and made racist comments about one of the Glee kids. Typical Sue. Everyone else was just dressed differently. Glee could’ve gone all out with this, but they chose to keep it simple and boring.
  • Intercourse Pamphlet: During the beautiful and glorious montage, there’s a moment when Emma leaves a pamphlet on Will’s desk saying she’s ready to lose her virginity. Then it shows them finally having sex. Sure, we’re happy for them, but it felt very awkward. The montage was suppose to be about The New Directions’ victory. Thankfully it didn’t ruin it.

The Music:

  • “I Won’t Give Up,” Jason Mraz – Rachel sings in-front of an empty auditorium.
  • “Because You Love Me,” Celine Dion – Tina performs as Rachel and gets her first standing ovation.
  • “Mean,” Taylor Swift – Puck and Coach Beiste sing a duet.
  • “Flashdance… What A Feeling,” Cara – Rachel and Tina end the night with a duet.
  • “The Edge of Glory,” Lady Gaga – The Troubletones return and perform the first number at Nationals.
  • “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” Various – Rachel’s solo at Nationals is chilling.
  • “Paradise By The Dashboard Light,” Meat Loaf – The New Directions sing together for their final number at Nationals.
  • “Starships,” Nicki Minaj –Vocal Adrenaline shows off its unique factor and some awesome choreography.
  • “Pinball Wizard,” The Who –Vocal adrenaline continues to do a great job, this time adding some pinball machines.
  • “Tongue Tied,” Grouplove – This song plays over a montage of victory.
  • “We Are The Champions,” Queen – The New Directions perform for Mr. Schue, who wins teacher of the year.


Two-hours of Glee might seem like a lot, but both episodes were good  and left us wanting more. There were a few moments that stuck out more than others, but the montage was definitely the best part of the night. It was the big payoff and it worked.

Rating: 7.5/10

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on FOX.

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