Battleship director Peter Berg has no problem expressing his feelings about war. In a recent interview for the movie, Berg went on a rant about the political situation in the Middle East and grilled a 25-year-old Israeli reporter for his lack of military service. It was awkward. Check out the video below.

Before questioning the young reporter’s history of military service, Berg took some time to talk about his concerns over Israel’s future. He went on an f-bomb tirade, and only stopped to mention the film once. He also took a brief moment to call Rihanna a “great actress.”

Somehow Berg turned the tables on the reporter, Danino Holt, and started asking the questions. He was shocked to find out that Holt hadn’t served in the Israeli army yet since it’s a requirement for the country’s citizens. Holt tried to avoid the question, but not before Berg called him a “draft dodger” and “motherf***er”. Check out the video below:

According to Gawker, Holt’s reason for not joining the military is because he was exempted due to health problems, but that probably wouldn’t have made a difference to Berg, who seemed pretty passionate about the issue. Let’s just hope that this interview doesn’t come back to haunt him or the release of Battleship. If the movie doesn’t make big bucks in the Middle East, we’ll know why.

What do you think of Berg’s outburst?