Alas! Gossip Girl has given us another season finale involving Chuck and Blair’s never-ending romance. Was it sweet and endearing? No. Entertaining? Sort of. “The Return of the Ring” was everything we expected it to be — extremely predictable. The episode was filled with callbacks to the show’s 2007 pilot, complete with a train, bar stool and a Shepherd Wedding. Can you connect the dots?

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The Players:

Episode Title: “The Return of the Ring

In the fifth season finale, Blair makes a choice between Chuck and Dan. Meanwhile, Lily comes to a decision about her marriage, and Nate suggests that he and Lola move in together.

The Good:

  • Back To The Beginning: Back in 2007, before taking a train to boarding school, Serena betrayed Blair by having bar stool sex with her boyfriend Nate. Last night, history repeated itself. Serena had bar stool sex with Dan, Blair’s current boyfriend, at another Shepherd Wedding, and then hopped on a train. It’s awful that she would do this to Blair again, but scandals like these are the ones that keep the drama alive.
  • Ivy And Lola Alliance: Ivy and Lola are somewhat of an inspiration. Both of them have managed to stay on the Upper East Side and on the show. They’re still outsiders, but they’re not like the other “villains” we’ve seen come and go (with the exception of Georgina Sparks, of course). We’re excited to see the fruits of their alliance next season.
  • Bad Girl: After the whole Shepherd Wedding affair with Dan, Serena takes a train, sniffs some cocaine and gets felt up by some creepy guy. She’s sunk so low, and she knows it. She’s probably as disgusted with herself as we are of her. It’s necessary for Serena to revert back to her old ways. We need a reason to cheer for her again. We want her to rise from the ashes and be the wonderful girl she once was.

The Bad:

  • Jane Austen Romance: The writers have found another way to keep Blair and Chuck’s romance alive. Blair realizes she’s still in love with Chuck and runs to tell him, but the tables turn. He doesn’t want her anymore. This is the millionth time this has happened and we’re tired of it. It’s a never ending, Jane Austen romance. It just keeps dragging on and on. Frankly, it’s exhausting. It’s like seeing a dog chase its own tail. Both of them deserve better.
  • Serena vs. Blair: And here’s another never ending quarrel. When are Blair and Serena going to stop fighting over petty things?
  • Lily’s Choice: Lily has to choose between Bart and Rufus. Since she never actually divorced Bart, she has to annul one of her marriages. Who does she chose? The death-faker Bart, which is very confusing. Sure, her and Rufus have problems, but Bart lied to her for three years!


The season finale of Gossip Girl ended pretty much how the series started. Serena is back to being a coke-sniffing whore (for lack of a better word), and Chuck is living in the shadow of his father. It was a weak ending, to a lackluster season.

Rating: 5/10

Gossip Girl will be back next fall.


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