It’s the summer movie season of 2012.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that you’ll essentially be seeing at least 20 minutes of every major movie weeks before they are released, thanks to lengthy clips, spoiler-heavy trailers, and online features released seemingly every hour onto the internet.  Today’s newest example?  A four-minute The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, which features a full (and admittedly pretty cool) bridge battle/ rescue, some heavy Lizard fighting, and a lot of glimpses into Peter Parker’s mysterious past.   Check it out after the jump.

Aside from the major bridge scene (that echoes, intentionally or not, the train “sacrifice” scene in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2), and some Spidey vs. Lizard business near the end, most of the four-minute clip is simply expansions of scenes we’ve seen in previous trailers, while at the same time dropping even more spoilers than the last few rounds of advertising.

It’s still hard to get a lock on the film’s tone, as various advertising has the film appearing to be a dark fantasy-adventure, a more light-hearted take on the Spider-Man character, and a CGI mish-mash mess of web-slinging throughout New York City.  Perhaps the film is a mix of all of the above, or some combination; give us a few more clips of this size and we’ll probably be able to piece the entire film together for you.

The Amazing Spider-Man premieres on July 3.

What did you think of the clip?

Source: /Film