Despite the headline-nabbing addition of new host Howard Stern, Monday night’s season premiere of America’s Got Talent debuted to lower ratings than last season, surprising some analysts, while confirming what others suggested—the prime-time field is too cluttered with competition for Stern’s presence to make a difference.  Some have even suggested that Stern was even too well-behaved and professional for the broadcast.

The two-hour broadcast of America’s Got Talent pulled in 10.3 million viewers and a 3.6 rating—a 16% drop from 2011.  This was more than likely due to the fact that last year’s America’s Got Talent premiere was paired up with The Voice at the end of May; this year, however, America’s Got Talent faced a host of competition.  CBS’ How I Met Your Mother finale nabbed 8.5 million, the Two and a Half Men finale grabbed 11.3 million, Mike & Molly scored 11.6 million, and Hawaii Five-O had 11.3 million viewers.  Elsewhere, ABC’s The Bachelorette had 8.3 million, Fox’s Bones came in with 7.1 million, and CW’s Gossip Girl had 1.2 million.

The most shocking revelations about last night’s numbers?  The fact that so many people tune into CBS’ Monday night comedy block.  11 million people watched Two and a Half Men?  Really?

So America’s Got Talent did quite hit as high with audiences as had been expected.  Still, NBC can’t be too disappointed, as this is probably the first time a reality competition host on a prime time network commiserated with audience members about having undersized genitalia.  That counts for something, right?

What do you think of the AGT news?

Source:  Entertainment Weekly