Despite writer-director Joss Whedon’s gift for florid and witty wordplay for powerful actors, ironically, the breakout star of Whedon’s Avengers was a CGI Hulk who utters exactly two words (amidst some grunting and yelling) throughout the film’s two and a half hour running time.  Positive fan reaction to the Hulk has been so strong that Marvel has announced they may repeal their “No More Hulk Movies” policy, and now, ABC is pushing to make the Hulk the star of his own TV show.

There has been a long-discussed plan for ABC to broadcast its own Hulk show for some time now, with Guillermo del Toro producing.  However that plan appears to have laid dormant for some time.  Until now, it seems.

During the ABC upfront presentations today, ABC entertainment president Paul Lee stated that he wants “some Marvel projects come to television,” which, given Marvel’s current dominion over the box office, audiences, and pop culture itself, makes sense.

As for the big green guy, Lee stated that Hulk wasn’t quite ready for the 2012 season—but that he should be shirt and pants a-ripping by 2013.  “Hulk is in development,” he continued.  “It wasn’t going to be ready this season but we hope it’s going to be ready for next season.”

Very little is known in terms of what the Hulk show would consist of—will it take place in the Marvel films continuity?  Will it be set in its own serialized world, a la the original show?  Would Mark Ruffalo be willing to star?  Looks like we’ll have to wait until 2013 to find out.

Would you watch a Hulk TV show (again)?

Source:  THR