We get it, The Avengers—people like you.  People like you a lot.  But $1 billion in global box office receipts in 19 days?  Now you’re just showing off, Tony Stark-style.  Turns out people really, really want to see four superheroes (plus one athletic super-spy and one pointless dude with a bow and arrow) beat the hell out of New York City.

That’s right—by Monday’s end (the 19th day of the film’s release), The Avengers will have raked in $1 billion dollars in box office totals.  The Avengers will be the fifth Disney film and first Marvel film to cross into that mega level.

The film also busted another record this weekend—The Avengers is now officially the first film to take in over $100 million domestically for its second weekend in a row.  And, as you’ll recall, the film also busted records for its opening weekend by pulling in $207.4 millionThe Avengers was produced with a budget of $220 million.

The super-hero team-up film has now passed The Dark Knight‘s spot on the top grossing films list to claim the number 11 spot on the worldwide grosser list.  And, of course and unsurprisingly, all of this means that there will definitely be an Avengers 2, which Disney officially greenlit last week.  And probably an Avengers 3, 4, 5 and 6.  And a Hulk movie.  And maybe an Iron Man 4,with or without Robert Downey, Jr.  At this point, the franchise may be self sustaining and self-aware at this point, and will probably rise up and strike us all down if we try to pull the plug (I might be mixing up this news with the Terminator 2 plot, I’m not sure).

Have you seen The Avengers yet?

Source:  ComingSoon