After eight seasons, the ladies of Wisteria Lane bid farewell on last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives. Marc Cherry and co. tied up loose ends with a two-hour finale that featured death, a birth and a wedding.  So, what did everyone think about the final hours of Desperate Housewives?  We’ve got the answers below.

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The Good:

TV Fanatic:

I liked the second hour more for a number of reasons. “Finishing the Hat” opened with Martha Huber and Mary Alice’s first encounter. Coming full circle, Susan greeted the woman whose family was moving into her house in the final moments. In the very last scene, the woman was shown to have her own little secret. I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better and more fitting end.


This was high-gloss, candy-colored, talk-about-it-the-next-morning TV at its finest; and as a bonus, it proved women could be at their finest long past their 20s..

The So-So:

Digital Spy:

It would have been much preferable to have Desperate Housewives end on the idea that friendship is able to endure everything. I’d have rather seen Susan, Bree, Gabby and Lynette all have unhappy endings but stay unified. And their future endeavours, while interesting, seemed a bit unnecessary. It might have been better to leave that part to our imagination.


The one other semi-peculiar aspect of the finale — other than Bree’s slightly perplexing move into Kentucky politics — was the notion almost everyone ends up not just moving away, but apparently, rich.

The Ugly:

Television Without Pity:

The writers so clearly wanted to end their show with a bang, cramming in a death, a birth and a wedding all into 40 minutes of script that all of the emotionally strong moments fell completely flat.

The A.V. Club:

The pair of episodes that conclude the show’s run, “Give Me The Blame” and “Finishing The Hat,” were limited in how good they could be, given that they were the conclusion to such an ill-conceived season… The problem with the finale is that most of the action surrounds characters who were either recurring or never really got off the ground to begin with.

What did you think of the series finale of Desperate Housewives?