After releasing a slew of  new character posters, True Blood has finally dropped the trailer for its upcoming fifth season.  Set to premiere on June 10 on HBO, True Blood’s new season five trailer is pretty heavy on the bloody spoilers.  So be warned: if you want to go into season five blind, you might want to think twice before you peep the trailer after the jump.  As for everyone else, check it out!

The trailer, accompanied the appropriately generic “dramatic trailer music!” theme, features Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni appearing as the new character Roman, the big bad who will be leading the mysterious Vampire Authority.  The Vampire Authority, by the way, isn’t exactly happy with what’s happening in the world of Bon Temps, and Roman intends to enact some heavy changes to restore order to the chaos that he sees there.

Oh, and just to make things complicated, season three baddie Russell Edington (Denis O’Hare) appears as if he’s no longer imprisoned, and plans on making some waves.

And then there’s the prerequisite blood sucking and weird sexual fetishizing of vampirism, but hey—at least no one is sparkling, or battling crudely CGI’d teenage werewolf clans.  Be thankful for that, True Blood fans.

What do you think of the new trailer?

Source: Entertainment Weekly