June 8 isn’t that far away, but until then expect to be inundated with clips and trailers for the upcoming, R-rated Ridley Scott epic Prometheus. The latest from the film isn’t that spoiler-y, but it does show off the effects work that went into the movie, and Idris Elba‘s accent. Check it out.

We’re not seeing much Michael Fassbender or Charlize Theron here, but we are getting a better sense of how much care and craft went into the behind the scenes work. Ridley Scott’s films are usually – if nothing else – visually interesting, and filled with great set design. This looks to be of the Alien world, but with more 21st century thinking about the future. Likely there will be no “Mother” with white blinking lights on this ship, but it also has that grungy feel of the original. We’re in (obviously).

Like most modern blockbusters, we’re probably going to see thirty minutes of the film before release, and – much like The Avengers – we’re probably going to see footage that comes from the third act (or possibly the conclusion) in ways that are going to be disappointing when the film hits. The question now is if the regular audience is as stoked for this movie as movie geeks are. Could we see an R rated picture open to over a hundred million domestically? That’s what Fox is hoping for. And perhaps they’ll get it.

Are you in for Prometheus?