In the annals of horror movie roles, very few can actually score an actor or actress an Oscar nomination.  There are the occasional exceptions, with one of the most memorable being Piper Laurie’s galvanizingly creepy take on the role of Carrie White’s hyper-religious mom in the original Carrie.  Laurie scored an Oscar nomination for her performance; now, another Oscar-nominated actress is set to portray the character in the upcoming Carrie remake: Julianne Moore.

The mentally unbalanced and Christianity-obsessed Margaret White is the most disturbing (and disturbed) character in Stephen King’s tale of a telekinetic teen girl bullied to the point that she massacres her entire high school on Prom Night.  She’s also a character that could easily succumb to camp; a gifted actress like Moore would, presumably, be able to keep the character rooted somewhat to reality.

The gifted Chloe Moretz is set to star as the titular character, and the film will be helmed by Boys Don’t Cry director Kimberly Pierce.  That’s a lot of talent for a remake of a remake/reboot of an adaptation of a Stephen King novel; at this point, the movie should almost be able to make itself.

The only “huh?” moment thus far has been the casting of Gabriella Wilde, previously seen in W.S. Anderson’s terrible Three Musketeers, which basically featured Wilde looking at things and not acting.  Perhaps an expanded role in Carrie will allow her to flourish?

What do you think of the casting news in the Carrie remake?

Source:  Cinema Blend