Only nineteen films have made over $350 Million dollars. The Avengers did that in ten days. Which means that the film should cross the $400 Million dollar mark after twelve to thirteen days – making it the tenth film to do so – and will surely make half a billion domestic, which only three other films have (and two of those were directed by James Cameron). It’s also one of the twelve films to gross a billion worldwide. Sorry Dark Shadows, you were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Avengers
$103,163,000 (-50.3%) $23,721 $373,182,000
2 Dark Shadows $28,805,000 $7,671 $28,805,000
3 Think Like a Man $6,300,000 (-22.3%) $3,070 $81,917,000
4 The Hunger Games $4,400,000 (-21.3%) $1,738 $386,902,000
5 The Lucky One $4,055,000 (-24.5%) $1,428 $53,721,000
6 The Pirates! Band of Misfits $3,200,000 (-41.8%) $1,039 $23,104,000
7 The Five-Year Engagement $3,100,000 (-38.4%) $1,207 $24,377,000
8 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $2,650,000 (+259.5%) $14,888 $3,723,000
9 Chimpanzee $1,624,000 (-34.6%) $1,042 $25,586,000
10 Girl in Progress $1,350,000 $4,193 $1,350,000


It’s hard to get a bearing on Dark Shadows. If it was done on a budget – but it wasn’t – a hundred domestic and solid international might be a good all-around total. As it will likely get to around $80 million domestically, and it’s unknown how well it will do out of the country, it looks like a loser. Warner Brothers sunk $150 Million into it, but they didn’t sell it as an event film, and now it has no chance of making money domestically. It’s hard to know if they had no faith, if they thought it just wasn’t going to play, or if they put their hopes in the international market.But everyone’s moving on to other things, so whatever.

The Avengers is insane. It’s one of the biggest movies of all time. Period. End of line. It should pass The Hunger Games‘ domestic cume sometime tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest, to become the highest grossing film of the year. And – of course – it’s not even done yet. Maybe Battleship will do a little bit of damage to it, but it’s hard to say. The film is already one of the biggest of all time, and even if – for whatever reason – it didn’t make another cent it would still very very profitable. At this point, beating Avatar‘s domestic record isn’t out of the question. That’s crazy money.

Reality Check: on Thursday I said $102 for Avengers and $36 for Dark Shadows. I was right on the money with the superhero film, and went high on the Depp/Burton. Oh well.