Sponsored by IMAX and Mountain Dew (apparently people still drink that?), Warner Bros. is launching a unique The Dark Knight Rises promotional tour—they’re taking The Tumbler (a.k.a., the Batmobile) and the Bat-Pod (a.k.a., Batman’s motorcycle) on a cross-country tour of the United States.  Want to completely geek out and touch Batman’s ride?  Well, Bat-nerds, now’s your chance!  Details and tour dates below.

It’s a sharp, live-action press campaign that goes beyond epic trailers; it’s also a savvy announcement to make—coming on the heels of The Avengers’ record-busting opening weekend, Warner Bros. is almost certainly looking to up the ante so that The Dark Knight Rises walks away as King of the Summer Movies.  The press release has the details:

BURBANK, Calif., May 10, 2012 — Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the July 20 release of Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” will have an opportunity to get a firsthand look at the Tumbler and the Bat-Pod, which are rolling out on a coast-to-coast tour, sponsored by Mountain Dew and IMAX(R).

Both the Tumbler and the Bat-Pod have served as high-powered modes of transportation for Batman in Christopher Nolan’s earlier blockbusters–with the Tumbler first appearing in “Batman Begins,” and the Bat-Pod being introduced in “The Dark Knight.” They will both be featured in different ways in the hugely anticipated finale to the director’s Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

So there you have it—if you live in one of the major cities below, you know have a chance to geek out to your Bat-heart’s content this summer.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, and Gary Oldman.  Directed by Christopher Nolan, the final film in the ‘Dark Knight trilogy’ is set for a July 20 release.

The Dark Knight Rises’ Tumbler/Bat-Pod tour dates:

5/12 Bentonville, AR
5/15 Tulsa, OK
5/19 Overland Park, KS
5/21 Kansas City, MO
5/25 Chicago, IL
5/27 Washington, DC
5/28 Baltimore, MD
5/30 Philadelphia, PA
6/1 Buffalo, NY
6/7 Toronto Canada
6/10 Montreal Canada
6/12 Purchase, NY
6/13 Columbus, OH
6/15 Lansing, MI
6/16 Detroit, MI
6/17 Brooklyn, MI
6/19 Indianapolis, IN
6/21 Nashville, TN
6/22 Knoxville, TN
6/23 Atlanta, GA
6/25 Dallas, TX
6/27 San Antonio, TX
6/29 El Paso, TX
7/1 Albuquerque, NM
7/2 Phoenix, AZ
7/7 Los Angeles, CA

What do you think of Warner Bros.’ marketing move?

Source: Batman News