Well, it’s that time of year again, when TV networks decide which TV programs are profitable enough to save, and which are unsuccessful enough to deserve a summary execution.  Up for the chopping block this year were such shows of wildly varying quality like The Office, Nikita, Parks and Recreation,  Whitney, Community,  Awake, and many, many more.  What’s surprising, however, is how many flailing shows actually made it, and how many decent shows have been effectively cancelled. 

Be sure to keep checking back, as the information is constantly updating!


  • Unsurprisingly, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Castle, The Middle, Suburgatory, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, and Shark Tank were all renewed, so your parents should be really, really happy about that.
  • Show like Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, The River, and Last Man Standing, however, are all quivering in their boots while ABC takes its time making up its mind.  Expect cancellations within the next few weeks. [The Hollywood Reporter]


  • Fan favorites Nikita, Gossip Girl (with a limited sixth and final season of 10-11 episodes), and Hart of Dixie will all live to air another day—specifically, this fall on CW.   In a recent interview with ScreenCrave, Nikita star Maggie Q stated that she felt the show needed to at least make it to season three–looks like she got her way!
  • Not so lucky, though, are The Ringer and The Secret Circle, which both got the axe in favor of pilots for The Carrie Diaries (a Sex and the City prequel), a Beauty and the Beast reboot (really), and Arrow, a small-screen adaptation of the Green Arrow comics. [TV Line]


  • The bedrock of Fox’s non-Simpsons animation block, Family Guy and American Dad, will carry on for their eleventh and eighth seasons, respectively, for 22 episodes each.  [The AV Club]
  • Cartoons such as The Cleveland Show and Napoleon Dynamite, however, are still up in the air—Fox is still shuffling their lineup like a Rubik’s Cube, trying to find a slot for those programs that will somehow connect with viewers.  Translation?  Expect them to be cancelled by this Fall. [The AV Club]


  • As we reported earlier today, Community will be  back for a fourth season, but in a limited, 13-episode run.  Read our full story for details.
  • Parks and Recreation, arguably the finest comedy on network TV, was renewed for a 22-episode fifth season.  Sometimes, the universe just gets things right. [HitFix]
  • The Office, long the crown jewel in NBC’s comedy crown, has been limping along without Steve Carrell for about a year now, and despite rumors of a cast bailout and imminent cancellation, the show appears to be saved by the last-minute contract negotiations and signings of stars Ed Helms, John Krasinksi, and Jenna Fischer.   Thus, the office will hobble ever onward, continuing to disappoint fans for at least another season. [Deadline]
  • 30 Rock will be coming back for its final season, doing something that never occurred the U.S. version of The Office—quit while you’re still ahead. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Somehow—perhaps because NBC, quite simply, hates us all, Whitney has been renewed for another season, while Awake was cancelled for never finding the audience that matched its potential.  I repeat, Whitney has been renewed for another season.  So we can all look forward to another year of Whitney Cummings shrilly yelling the word “vagina!” as loud as possible, and then looking at the rest of us to applaud her ‘edgy’ comedy. [TV Line]

What shows are you hoping to see come back?