This week, Tyler Perry revealed the poster for his upcoming movie Madea’s Witness Protection. HBO also released a set of 12 character posters for True Blood‘s fifth season. We’ve also got a new website we’d like you to check out–we promise it’ll help you make your Netflix experience so much easier. All that and more after the jump.

  • Serious Comedians: Few comedians have the gift of being both funny and serious on screen. Unreality Magazine put together a list of Comedians Who Did Well In Serious Rolls. Their list includes talented funnymen like Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and Eddie Murphy.
  • A Better Queue: Thanks to /film, yesterday I discovered a wonderful website called A Better Queue. Basically what it is, is a simple but useful program that references both Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes to help you narrow down which movies you’d like to watch. This is helpful for those of us who don’t necessary like the ‘Top 10′ that Netflix puts forth on our home page. Do check it out, you might be pleasantly surprised. 
  • 15 Avengers: With the news that The Avengers 2 is on the way, Screenrant put together a cool list of 15 Avengers We Want to see in Avengers 2 & Beyond. Check that out.


  • Tyler Perry Teaser Poster: Tyler Perry’s alter ego is returning to the screen in Madea’s Witness Protection. Below we have a teaser poster for the director’s latest movie. It’s got a sort of New York-vibe to it.
  • True Blood Gallery: HBO has unveiled 12 new character posters for True Blood season 5. The new season begins June 10th, so mark your calendars. Go to Shock Til You Drop to see the complete gallery.

That’s the end of our round-up. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

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