There’s a delicate line that needs to be walked with fantasy movies. Often when it comes to invented solutions to modern problems, it can raise more questions than it answers. So we’re curious to see how The Odd Life of Timothy Green plays, as it tells the story of a couple (Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton) who can’t have their own kid, and then wish one into existence. But what they get is not a normal child. Check out the latest trailer below.

This is from Disney, and this footage doesn’t reveal too much weirdness. It’s possible that this film has thread the needle and doesn’t get too bizarre or sub-textually confused (looking at you, Powder). Where it will get interesting is that the boy seems to have special powers related to nature. He could be a more human version of E.T. We’ll see when the film hits theaters August 15.

What I find most interesting about this trailer is the language of cinematic alcohol. Perhaps it’s a small thing, but when they have their moment of “let’s write down everything that we’d want with our kid, if we could have one” it looks like they are drinking red wine, which in movies and television is the safest of boozes. Imagine that scene with beer, and it feels like they’d probably end up having sex, while if it was hard alcohol they would either end up crying, vomiting or having sex (and then maybe also crying and/or vomiting).

What movie does this trailer remind you the most of?