Did you hear? Television’s most underrated show just got renewed for another season! The news was followed by an awesome fake clip episode titled “Curriculum Unavailable,” a follow-up to “Paradigms Of Human Memory.” It was a series of faux flashbacks that revealed everyday life at Greendale. Community turned the tables on itself and challenged us to re-think its reality.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Curriculum Unavailable”

Abed develops a conspiracy theory and determines that Dean Pelton is an impostor. However, his search for the truth lands him in mandatory therapy sessions after he’s caught sneaking around campus.

The Good:

  • Fake Clip Show: During therapy, the group reminisces about all the things they’ve done over the past few years, most of which we never saw. The “flashbacks” were so hilarious, we wanted to see full-episodes dedicated to them (see ‘Favorite Fake Clips’ below).
  • Shutter Island Twist: There’s a brief moment when the idea that Greendale Community College never existed seems to make sense. Dr. Heidi suggests that Greendale is actually an asylum where the Study Group went after their lives drastically changed (Jeff losing his law license, Shirley’s divorce, Annie’s pill addiction, etc.) The episode challenges us to re-think Community‘s version of reality. How have we come to accept all of this show’s craziness?
  • Britta Mimicking Dr. Heidi: Britta’s whole interaction with Dr. Heidi (John Hodgman, The Daily Show) was hilarious. She’s constantly trying to compare notes with him and mimicking his behavior. Note to Britta: You’re not a psychiatrist!
  • Mad Men Moments: Did anyone notice how the camera cut to Allison Brie when Abed did his impersonation of Don Draper?

The Bad:

  • No More Paintball: No!!! According to Abed, there won’t be anymore paintball episodes. Why must this be? This is awful news. Pardon us while we go cry.

Favorite Fake Clips:

  • Annie’s version of ‘Troy, Abed, and Annie In The Morning’
  • Abed’s narration of Pierce while he’s eating a sandwich
  • Abed’s reaction to Daylight Savings and Shirley’s ‘Brett Ratner is the next Spielberg’ comment
  • The entire Greendale Asylum montage, especially the flashbacks to the paintball match, Annie and Abed’s kiss, and the secret trampoline
  • The Dean playing chess to determine parking (was that a reference to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?)

The Quotable:

  • “Walk to your cars in pairs tonight, rape is up eight percent.”
  • “$60? Hello, rich people? Troy’s joining you. Yes, I’ll hold.”
  • “Since we got expelled he’s been creepy weird, like present day Robin Williams.”
  • “We’re all kind of crazy-town-banana-pants.”
  • “Please Mr. Doctor psychiatrist sir, please don’t send my best friend to crazy people jail.”
  • “He’s out there somewhere, alone and cold and most likely trying to cobble together a sexy Patti Hearst costume.”


You have to know Community to appreciate (and understand) an episode like “Curriculum Unavailable.” There are a lot of references to previous seasons and storylines that wouldn’t be funny otherwise. Community should be praised for delivering a clip show that isn’t a filler episode. Dan Harmon and Co. took the time to put this thing together and in the process give us some development.

Rating: 9.5/10

NBC will air three back-to-back episodes of Community next Thursday, starting at 8 p.m.

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