We’re heading toward the Memorial Day weekend, and though The Avengers is still setting records (and may continue to), Men in Black III is the big picture of that holiday weekend, which sells Will Smith‘s agent J losing his partner K (Tommy Lee Jones) and traveling back in time to work with a younger version of his partner (Josh Brolin). Check out the new featurette…

The word we’ve been hearing about the film – which junketed last week – is much better than one might expect for this troubled production. It seems the reshoots they had and the work that went into them eventually made something that was moderately enjoyable. We’re pleasantly surprised by this revelation. But that’s more inside baseball; the bigger question is if regular audiences will line up for the sequel, which comes a couple of years after the fact and follows a sequel that virtually nobody liked.

This definitely offers Will Smith doing his best to act boyish and high-energy charming, and the joke of seeing Brolin doing Jones may be enough to keep his performance engaging. Director Barry Sonnenfeld says that Brolin’s chemistry with Smith is just about the same as Smith’s chemistry with Tommy Lee Jones, which is good, we guess. The movie opens May 25, and then all will be revealed.

Have you heard the Pitbull song? (It’s bad)