There are only two episodes left of The CW’s best-kept secret, Nikita. The action-drama’s second season is winding down and the stakes are higher than ever. Over the past year, Nikita and her posse have lost their home (twice), a son (Max) and a mother (Senator Pierce) due to their mission. But they’re not going down without a fight. ScreenCrave recently chatted with actress Maggie Q, who plays the title character, to discuss the season’s final shocking moments. Unfortunately, another death is knocking at their door. Get your tissues ready.

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Last week’s episode of NikitaDead Drop,” ended on a hopeful note. The group successfully evaded Percy (Xander Berkeley), gained an ally in Kendrick and found a new place to stay. But according to Maggie Q, that happiness will be short-lived.

I think everything in Nikita is a precursor for bad things to come. It’s one of those things where nothing’s ever going to stay the same, which is great. It’s probably one of those fleeting moments of happiness she’s going to think back on and wish she had when she doesn’t. It’s so complicated what she’s done. This is all webbing together, but getting more and more complicated in [episode] 22. And then 23 is huge! I don’t know how they’re going to make it an hour. It needs to be 90 minutes!

Episode 22 is called “Crossbow” and it airs this Friday. The actress teases that a line will be drawn and Nikita will take a serious stand.

It is definitely the beginning of the end for something that Nikita is really, really sick of. There’s a scene that we did where she’s saying to the five of them that she’s not running anymore. She’s just done. It’s not that Nikita hasn’t meant this before. But she really is done. She’s not backing down this time. She’s pissed. She can continue to be in the fight, but to be running for her life from Percy and this threat — it’s not sustainable. It will hurt everyone she loves.

Nikita has gone from loner, to mother hen to a group of vigilantes. The family dynamic is something that’s been thoroughly explored this season. Those connections will play an important part in what’s to come.

The big question mark is going to be, ‘Can that family exist in this very alternate and strange universe that they’ve created and live in?’ I think the overarching theme is home, in season two. I think you find homes in very unlikely places and it’s definitely true for all of them at the end of the season. For me, personally, you’re home is where your family is. And that becomes very true for Nikita at the end of the season, and everyone else I think.

Amongst this new-found family, they’re missing one key element — Owen (Devon Sawa). The former Guardian is one of Nikita’s biggest supporters, but we haven’t seen him since January’s “Pale Fire.” What’s up with that?

Owen’s going to come back. He’s going to come back in the third season. We had plans to bring him back at the end of this season. The story was going that way but then it had to go another way and some big decisions had to be made. There’s no way in season three that Nikita’s not going to seek Owen out to join her. There’s no way. She’s going to have to, because some big changes are going to be made at the end of season two. She’s going to need all the help she can get.”

It’s no secret Nikita has her fair share of male friends, but she’s only got eyes for Michael (Shane West). So imagine our surprise when Maggie Q dropped a kissing bombshell!

Nikita kisses somebody who’s not Michael in the next episode. They’re going to like it. It’s pretty fun. There’s been an undertone about it in the show since day one. But I don’t think anybody’s going to expect it. When I read it, I was like, ‘Oh!’

The actress wouldn’t reveal if the lip-lock is with Ryan (Noah Bean), but she did discuss their interesting relationship.

I think that Ryan really cares about her. But it’s not overt. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m attracted to this person.’ I don’t think it’s that. I think he really respects her. I think that she’s so idealistic that he finds it amazing but also very stupid. It’s easy to fall in love with somebody who’s kind but careless. That recklessness is what keeps you locked on to them. I think there’s a little bit of that. But I think going into season three… that Nikita and Ryan will be getting a lot closer. That’s for sure.

On the Division side of things, we can expect a major change in Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood), the I.T expert who replaced Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford). All season, we’ve seen her wrestle with both Percy and Amanda’s (Melinda Clarke) questionable demands. She’s having some serious doubts about the agency and their “work.”

We are going to go into that. We are going into how Sonya feels about all this, which is kind of cool. She’s been sort of a very side character but important. She has had doubts. There’s been a few run-ins already with Birkhoff and Nikita. And her getting wind of things that are happening under their nose within Division that’s putting them all in danger. Nikita actually gets some face-time with her in the finale. That doubt is going to surface seriously. But it’s less about Sonya making a decision and more about a decision that’s made for them.

Over the past few weeks, Division’s former top-dog Amanda, has been M.I.A. After being exposed at Zetrov, she and Ari (Peter Outerbridge) were forced into hiding. They were holed up in a dank motel, broken and worried about their future. So will we see more of her before the season ends?

These two fallen powerhouses [Amanda and Ari], that just completely fell off the map. Lost everything. And they’re sitting across from each other on this bed looking at each other and probably wondering, ‘I don’t even know if I actually like you.’ Melinda’s character’s just sitting there all poised and still dressed as Amanda. Her back is arched and she’s trying so desperately to hold on to that position she had that she’ll never have in that capacity again. It was so pathetic. It was perfect. I was like, ‘This is so perfect!’ And I didn’t want to see her again until season three when it was like, Amanda’s back! ‘Ahhhhh [Laughs].’ We are going to see her before this season ends. But not in the capacity that you think. There’s just one other thing she’s going to do to set herself up for the third season, which is cool.

In season three, the mission shifts and Nikita will be like a totally different show. The second finale is filled with game changers. Deadly game changers.

The most important thing is, ‘Who will make it in this family?’ Not everyone’s going to make it. Not everyone’s going to make it out of season two. We’re not going to start season three with everyone we started with [in season two].

And don’t worry, she’s not referring to Security Guard Number #1. The death will be significant and heartfelt.

Yes, you will care. I definitely cared. I was very torn about it actually. It’s a very important element to the show. It’s one of those things. You have to build and destroy, build and destroy. You’ve gotta do it. Yes, you will care. I care very much.

With death around the corner and Amanda primed for a return, it sounds like we’re in for a cliffhanger. Or are we?

Not so much a cliffhanger. We are set up for season three that is for sure. It’s a nice wrap-up to season two. And some of the Warner Bros. executives did call me and say they felt the journey coming full circle and it felt good in the end. Although, there’s going to be tons of shocks before you feel good.

And as a final tease for Episode 23, “Homecoming”…

There is so much cool action, and some really big stunts. Just stuff I was really excited [about] and I always wanted in. We saved it for the finale. Like I said, not everyone’s going to make it. There’s going to be some epic bye, bye scenes. There is a full circle sort of thing that happens with Nikita and some of the other characters.

We can’t wait!

Nikita airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.