It would seem that, in terms of casting, Quentin Tarantino just can’t catch a break lately.  His latest film, Django Unchained, has been beset with actor dropouts almost as soon as casting for the spaghetti western began—first, Kevin Costner was attached to star as the villainous Ace Woody before dropping out  and being replaced by Kurt Russell, then Joseph Gordon-Levitt bailed to film his directorial debut.  Now, Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen are also bailing on the project, as well.

During a recent promotion tour for The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen told Howard Stern that he had to drop out of Django Unchained in order to do the press for The Dictator.  Cohen had originally been set to play Scotty Harmony, a gambler who purchases Django’s (Jamie Foxx) wife as a prostitute.  While the loss of Cohen is surely inconvenient for Tarantino  (who had originally set Jonah Hill for the role), it’s not exactly devastating, as the role Scott Harmony is a small one.

That said, Kurt Russell’s exit spells far larger problems for the production.   Russell had been set to play Ace Woody, a slave trainer for the film’s primary antagonist, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).  No reason has yet been given for Russell’s abrupt exit from the film, which is scheduled for a Christmas Day release.  It is also unclear if, in the wake of this casting news, Django Unchained will even be able to meet its own release date.

Russell had previously worked with Tarantino on Death Proof, the director’s half of the Grindhouse double feature.  Django Unchained stars (for the moment, anyway) Jaime Foxx and Christoph Waltz as a freed slave and a bounty hunter, respectively, who plan to rescue Django’s wife from Calvin Candie.

What do you think of the Django news?

Source: Cinema Blend