Prometheus may be R rated, but it’s gunning to be one of the big event films of the summer, and the advertising and viral videos are now hitting the frequency of Avengers material. Perhaps it’s a winning strategy. The latest from the Prometheus cast and crew concerns extra terrestrials. An interesting word choice for the (not?) prequel to Alien. Check out the featurette below.

This is definitely not spoiling too much (for those concerned about that), and it doesn’t offer too much new footage, but it does show some of what’s going to be the problem for the crew of the Prometheus. There is something on the planet that either attacks or takes over host bodies. But how this all plays out is still unknown, or how the creatures once fossilized in Alien interact with the humans.

When Fox accepted the R rating, it suggested that this would not be compromised, and with the R rating, one wonders if they’ve decided to add things back in they may have cut when they were angling for a PG-13.  One hopes.  Though Ridley Scott‘s last couple of movies have been a mixed bag (Robin Hood was pretty bad), we’re still partial to his director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven, and he still seems to ‘have it.’ So we’re anxiously awaiting June 8, when the film hits theaters.

Where is Prometheus on your want to see list?