Last week’s Gossip Girl was one of the best episodes of the season. Mainly, because the gang was back together doing what they do best – taking down a villain. Also, there was a major bombshell at the end (if you haven’t watched, please catch up). Unfortunately, “The Fugitives” had a lot of ground to cover, and it left us more confused than ever.

Find out why in our review …

The Players:

Episode Title: “The Fugitives

A busy Blair asks Serena to impersonate her at a meeting. Meanwhile, Ivy and Lola join forces to help Chuck save his father’s life, and Nate makes a decision regarding the future of The NY Spectator and Diana Payne.

The Good:

  • Serena In a Headband: Serena was pretty good in this episode. She’s trying to redeem herself for everything she did to her friends and we applaud her for that. Last night, she jumped in at the last minute and pretended to be Blair/Dan’s girlfriend for an interview. She even put on a headband to look more like her (even though a brown wig would have been more fun). It was a nice touch.
  • High Class Hookers: Ivy returned to help the gang. She and Lola dressed up as high class hookers and pretended to be twins. They share a very cute scene, mainly because we see them interact as real friends. Their relationship has been through a lot – lies, stolen identity, fraud – but it’s nice to know they still appreciate each other.

The Bad:

  • The Mystery of Bart Bass: The mystery of Bart Bass was finally “solved.” What made him fake his own death? It seems that a powerful businessman and his former PI were threatening him and his family. Bart felt like there was no way out, so he faked his death. There are a number of reasons why this doesn’t make sense. For starters, Bart was a very influential man. He belonged to secret society clubs and had private investigators on speed dial. There has to be another reason because this one isn’t good enough. Why was it so easy for Chuck to solve everything? How can a group of rich kids do in one afternoon what neither Bart nor Diana could in two whole years?
  • Blair Says Yes: Blair agreed to go to Rome with Dan, but we’ve got a feeling things will fall apart by the season finale. Blair doesn’t love Dan, not yet anyway. It’s going to suck to see his little heart broken.
  • Blair’s Diary: When has Blair ever written in a diary? Never, that’s when. At the end of last night’s episode, the real Gossip Girl sent a blast – a picture of Blair’s journal. Never mind its contents. What matters is that we’ve never seen Blair write in a diary, nor did we see Serena take pictures of any kind of diary while she was GG. Why are the writers doing this?


The biggest problem with “The Fugitives” was the Bart Bass mystery solution. Last week, it was a thrilling moment to see him still alive, but the reason behind his absence feels underwhelming. Hopefully there’s more to his story because so far, we’re not buying what they’re selling.

Rating: 5/10

Gossip Girl airs at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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