Coming on the heels of the enormously ridiculous full trailer that featured a bevy of actors seemingly covered in Crisco and self-tanning lotion while things in the background go boom boom boom really loud, G.I. Joe Retaliation has finally released a full one-sheet poster, and it’s, well, kind of a mess.

Featuring Bruce Willis’ airbrushed (actually, more like airblasted) head Frankenstein’d onto a generic suited body with a set of monkey hands pasted on with a gun while Dwayne Johnson’s fake-baked commando stands in a sea of stock-photo, soft-focus fire, the poster is all kinds of wrong.

Oh!  It has Cute Pensive Girl With Gun, which is also a perennial favorite of the crappy poster.  We’ve also got Random Action Pose Ninja basically floating in the background to fill up some empty space, and the Big Bad looming in the background like Darth Vader’s goofy little brother, Wayne.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens on June 29, 2012, where it will essentially be a way to pass the time losing brain cells until The Amazing Spider-Man comes out the following weekend.  In addition to Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis, Retaliation stars Channing Tatum and Jonathan Price.  In it, an imposter of the U.S. President allows the evil Cobras to take control of the government, and a lot of yelling, CGI, and explosions happen, and I bet Willis says something sarcastic and Johnson will look hard at things.

What do you think of the poster?

Source:  Coming Soon