Ben Affleck’s Argo looks like a crazy-awesome, intense semi-comedy. Whatever one expected of the auteur behind Gone Baby Gone and The Town, it’s hard to guess this would be the project. During the Carter Administration, an American embassy was raided and six of its employees went into hiding. Ben Affleck’s character figures a way to get them out: pretend to make a big Hollywood movie. It’s based on a true story. Check out the trailer.

Affleck leads a cast that includes Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin and John Goodman, and a lot of 70′s hair and character actors. It looks intense, but also quite funny – there’s definitely a “Man on a Mission” vibe to the whole thing, and the Hollywood backdrop means there’s going to be at least a little bit of fun to the piece.

What will be interesting to see with the film (and it’s October 12 release date) is if this is finally the year the academy gives Affleck his due for his directorial work. Granted, the man has an Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting, but that was almost Ben Affleck 1.0. Affleck 2.0 – the writer/director – has gotten supporting nominations for his cast (Jeremy Renner for The Town, Amy Ryan for Gone Baby Gone), but his work behind the camera has been ignored. But that’s all contingent on this being good. Which it looks.

What’s your favorite Ben Affleck project?