Andre 3000 just landed the gig of a lifetime.  The eccentric hip hop singer has been cast to play Jimi Hendrix in the biopic All Is By My Side, to be written and directed by Red Tails‘ writer John Ridley. The film is narrow in focus and won’t cover all of Hendrix’s life–instead, it will concentrate on the time period between 1966-1967, when Hendrix was first discovered setting guitars (and ears) on fire.

Andre 3000 has been rumored to play Hendrix since 2008. At that time, he told MTV  that “it’s kinda like, until you are on set doing it you can’t say what’s going on, because everybody wants to do the movie, but there are so many thing that go into a biopic.”

It’s hard to say if Andre 3000 is the right man for the job, mainly because of his few acting credits (Semi-Pro, Scary Movie 4, The Shield). Then again, having an actual musician play Hendrix has its ups. Andre 3000, as one half of the now-defunct hip-hop duo OutKast, is no stranger to the mic or live performing, so the role might just come naturally to him. Still, he’s got some pretty big shoes and bell-bottoms to fill, as Hendrix is one of the most legendary musicians of the 1960s.

According to the Irish Film & Television Network, production on the film is scheduled to kick off in Ireland in three weeks. No word yet on who else will be starring or when the film is scheduled to be released–stay tuned to ScreenCrave for more details as they come!

Do you think Andre 3000 is the right man for the role?