If the box office is any indication (and it is), a lot of you enjoyed The Avengers this weekend.  And even though the record-breaking superhero film is already 2.5 hours long, fans are already clamoring for more.  While it’s a bit early for sequel news, director Joss Whedon is promising a three-hour director’s cut of The Avengers with 30 minutes of new footage… for the film’s Blu-Ray release.

The Avengers surprised everyone last weekend—while everyone expected big, respectable numbers, the film’s $200 ravaging of the box office was certainly a shocker.  But the film’s getting (mostly) excellent press, Whedon’s an always-reliable writer-director, and hey, let’s face it: this is a movie that features Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk fighting each other and a bevy of aliens throughout New York City.  What more do you want?

Well, apparently, if you more footage, character beats, and Captain America, you’re in luck—The Avengers Blu-Ray will feature Whedon’s director’s cut, which adds 30 minutes to the 2 hour and 22 minute theatrical cut.  Most of the new footage apparently concerns Captain America, whose pathos at being shuffled into the 21st Century was mostly put aside in order for him to look ridiculous in that suit and for some shield throwing.

It will be nice to see some extra character beats in the film to even out the sense of spectacle, even if they do concern Cap, who happens to be one of the blander characters of the Avengers film franchise.  But at this point, one gets the sense fans will take whatever they can get.  Look for an Avengers Blu-Ray around the holiday season.

Will you be picking up The Avengers Blu-Ray?

Source:  Cinema Blend