Cougar Town mutated from “that show with the tacky title” to “that show with the tacky title that everyone should check out as it’s not really about older women sleeping with younger dudes, really, seriously.” You could also say that its latest form is “That show that is still on, I guess” as ABC cut its third season down to fifteen episodes, and hasn’t been consistent in airing them…but the show might get a lifeline from TBS.

Deadline is reporting that Cougar Town could leave ABC and do two fifteen-episode seasons, which would get the show to the magic hundred and allow it to go into syndication. That’s if ABC cancels it, which we will know more about later this week. Cougar Town has been in jeopardy for a while now. It didn’t get a fall launch and got the shorter episode order. Fortunately for it, one of ABC’s hot ideas (Work It) flopped horribly. Though this move or renewal would be great for the show, the cast have started to look for other work as Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins have both signed up to do other pilots, and would have to drop out of the new shows if Cougar Town stays on.

The show does have a passionate fan base, and the creators so enthusiastic about their show that they’ve gone out and done DIY advertising and held screening parties. That’s on top of Community having not only done cross-over episodes and making Abed obsessed with the show, but also sneaking in references to co-creator Kevin Biegel. We’re pulling for it.

Have you watched a recent episode of Cougar Town?